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    $ 169.98 CAD - $ 329.99 CAD
    A waterproof insulated winter jacket built for stylish warmth in chilly conditions.
    3 Colors Available

    $ 109.98 CAD $ 219.99 CAD
    Insulated, breathable, waterproof, and comfy: this plus jacket combines it all.
    4 Colors Available

    $ 159.99 CAD
    A lightweight plus jacket built for comfort and warmth in volatile conditions.
    2 Colors Available

    $ 129.98 CAD $ 259.99 CAD
    One of the warmest, softest, and lightest jackets we make, this heat-retaining layer is ideal.
    1 Colors Available

    $ 159.98 CAD $ 319.99 CAD
    A waterproof, thermal-reflective, insulated plus parka with unique style and ski-friendly features.
    4 Colors Available

    $ 129.98 CAD - $ 154.90 CAD $ 259.99 CAD
    Waterproof and winter-ready, this plus size jacket has thermal reflective technology and premium fabric.
    8 Colors Available

    More Colors Available More Colors Available
    $ 159.98 CAD - $ 309.99 CAD
    A waterproof-breathable, thermal-reflective, insulated jacket built for comfort and style.
    8 Colors Available

    More Colors Available More Colors Available
    $ 144.98 CAD - $ 269.99 CAD
    A versatile, 3-in-1 winter jacket built to keep warmth in and the cold out with two dynamic layers.
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With a choice of synthetic insulation, responsibly-sourced down, innovative baffling, or a thermal-reflective lining, our women’s puffer jackets provide just the right degree of warmth.

Inspired by the space blankets designed by NASA for astronauts, our thermal-reflective lining uses small silver dots or a pattern of silver coils to reflect body heat back to you. This makes the jacket lighter, and when combined with insulation, warmer. It comes in various densities for different conditions—coils for cool weather, dots for more extreme temperatures. Our Omni-Heat 3D™ also includes soft fibers between the dots for a softer next-to-skin feel.

We utilize strategic design and the best materials to capture body heat, eliminate cold spots, and protect against moisture. For women’s puffer jackets made for colder conditions, we often combine our synthetic material—a lightweight, ultra-soft insulation—with a responsibly-sourced down for extra warmth, even when the outside material is wet. We also use a “wave” construction for our baffling and replace stitching with a thermal bonding technique that prevents wetting out.